→ Charity of the week: Okhmatdyt Childrens Hospital

Based on the horrible tragedy from yesterday, here are two links to help out the children’s hospital in Kyiv that was attacked: thru United24 or directly to the hospital’s charity foundation here.

→ Charity Tweets of the Week: Monobank Jar Edition

The aid is on the way from the USA, but Ukrainians still need help in almost every way imaginable. Please find several opportunities to give below, each with a link to Monobank so that you can pay with Apple Pay.

The following is for blood transfusions:

And of course an additional like to One Team One Fight:

→ Charity Tweet of the Week: TYTANOVI Rehab

→ Charity Tweet of the Day: 47th Mechanized Brigade

Because Congress is not back in session for another week… Please donate for drones for the 47th, near Avdiivka!

→ Charity Tweet of the Day: KHARPP

KHARPP is a British Charity that began its work on the Polish-Ukrainian border in 2022 and has steadily grown in activity to include repairing homes in Kharkiv Region. They are now trying to collect to rebuild in Derhachi where some of their staff live:

→ Charity Tweet of the Day: Defacto Humanity

This person has gone above and beyond since 2022 to bring more aid and supplies to the front lines. She’s got a 24-hour deadline so please put in what you can to help her out!

→ Charity Tweet of the Week: Landmineremoval.org

We may have boosted these guys before, but they need all the help they can get!

→ Charity Tweet of the Week: Polina Shumakova

Sometimes we will feature individuals who are doing all they can to support their fellow Ukrainians. Polina is such a person. She has organized multiple collections in the past two years and is now collecting to help a sick relative.

→ Charity Tweet of the Week: Kharkiv National Guard

To be honest, the folks at Animal Rescue Ukraine could use some help as well.

→ Charity of the week: The Way of Reconstruction Minesweeper

Meet Petro Hrebenyuk, a Ukrainian Engineer turned Minesweeper Designer, navigating the challenges of displacement with a practical and positive mindset.

_Having left his hometown in 2022, Petro is now leading a team to create a minesweeper prototype that addresses the pressing issue of landmines in Ukraine. With the help of your donations, they’ve acquired a tractor and developed essential systems for remote operation. As they work towards certification, your support becomes crucial in realising the potential of this life-saving initiative. _

Join us in backing Petro and The Way of Reconstruction and contribute to a project that aims to make a tangible difference in demining efforts in Ukraine.

Read the rest of the story in the link above.